About D I Renee

My name is Renee, and I am the owner of DIRenee Creations. The name comes from DIY, instead of yourself, it is me, Renee, doing it.

I am a Wife, Mother and Grandma. Married to my husband, Russ, we have three grown children, and six Grands. Being a Grandma is the best thing ever!

My love of sewing started with 4-H, many years ago. After being displaced from banking of 25 years I started my business. The year I was displaced my daughter got engaged, and then one of my sons soon followed. So, in 2013 I had two weddings that I planned and decorated for. The following year my first
grand arrived, and I did my first Farmer’s and Arts Market. At first, I had very little in my 10 x 10 tent setup, but over the years I have added more and more that now my 10 x 10 tent is overflowing. I have also added a multi needle embroidery machine, vinyl cutter, and heat press.

I love to create with my sewing, embroidery, and vinyl. I offer something for everyone, from new baby gifts, birthday shirts, to housewarming gifts. And some fun things made with my embroidery machines. 2020 was a very crazy, busy year for my business. Thanks to my networking groups, I was asked to make face masks for Clay County EOC. What started as 1,000 masks ended up being 2,000, just for Clay County. In addition, I have made another 2,000+ masks. That was an exhausting but rewarding five months.

The Summer of 2020 I purchased a very used, needs a lot of work Camper. It was slow going on fixing her up but, over the past year she has had a complete makeover. I have now used her at several Farmer’s Markets and the Orange Park Fall Festival.

Thank you for supporting my dream, I am truly blessed to have your support.

Many Blessings,
Renee Thorp